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Personal Self Development

DISC Assessment Workshops

Public Speaking Workshops

Career Readiness Workshops

Finance 101 Workshops

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Public Speaking:

In today’s global, competitive environment, it is imperative to possess effective communication skills. Regardless of your career sector (private, government, or non-profit) you will become a Better; Stronger; Clearer public speaker. Through this innovative curriculum you will gain the confidence, poise, and potential needed to express yourself--in any situation.


-Master your fear of public speaking

-Turn stress into strength

-Speak with confidence & clarity

-Face any size audience --deliver concise, credible messages


Leadership Enhancement:

According to famed leadership expert -- John Maxwell, the true measure of leadership is influence --nothing more nothing less! With this stated, how would you rate your current IQ [Influence Quotient] as a leader? Learn to earn the respect of your superiors, subordinates, peers and customers alike -- through ethical, enduring leadership. Bottom line -- become the leader you and your organization deserves.


-Motivation & Teambuilding

-Build & Foster Trust

-Communicate Your Vision

-Seek Responsibility & Take Responsibility for actions

-Promote Ethical Leadership


Self/Team Development:

Effective leaders and managers are not born -- they are systematically developed --through relevant curriculums. According to Dr. Suzanne Logan (Director of OPM's -- Federal Executive Institute (FEI), training prepares one for the known--while education prepares [individuals] for the unknown. So learn to be the best leader, manager, & team member you can be--through proven instructions.


-Know yourself & seek self- improvement

-DiSC & MBTI orientation

-Embrace Life-long Learning

-Foster Personal Accountability

-Master Conflict Management

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